Top Reasons Why You Should Care About Home Performance

In a previous post, we discussed that home performance is about making buildings to work together as a complete system. Let's explore deeper why this concept is so important.

Think about when a home is first built and all of the different teams involved and their responsibilities. For example:

  • Someone decides the overall shape of the building
  • Someone else decides the detail of the framing
  • Another team may handle insulation and air sealing
  • Someone decides on the electrical system
  • Another group is responsible for heating/cooling systems and hot water equipment
  • A different group may handle the ventilation

But who is helping to coordinate all of these teams to ensure the overall design and systems being installed in the home are working together as a comprehensive system? In most cases, this does not happen. There is NO individual or group that is typically responsible when a home is first being built at the big picture. All of these teams are focused on their individual pieces.

Why is home performance important? 

Here are a few examples of what can happen, and why homeowners should pay attention to home performance:

  • If a water heater in a home has a backdraft issue when operated with the clothes dryer and/or kitchen exhaust on, who's fault is that? It is not anyone's job in this structure to ensure they work together properly. And, this is a common issue!
  • In Wisconsin, we all know how our winter months can be. In some cases, windows can get condensation on them in the cooler months. Most homeowners reaction is they have faulty windows. But, that's not always true. Could it be that there is a lack of ventilation and airflow in order to dry out? Oftentimes, this is a simple fix that is not as obvious.
  • Mold is a scary issue for homeowners. Mold is typically caused by too much indoor humidity, types of materials used in construction, air conditioning use, and many other factors. To remedy the issue, you need a contractor like Stein Home Solutions that understands home performance.

These issues and these concerns not only affect new construction but older homes as well. We see it every day, and we are very passionate about helping homeowners take the guesswork out of issues their homes may be experiencing. We're not your traditional contractor, and we're proud of it! From your basement to the roof, we focus on various components within your home and how they interact together.